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Live Organisms for FOSS

Live Organisms for FOSS

These sets are for the FOSS* (Full Option Science System) modules. Items may be added or deleted. Quantities may be modified. Multiple delivery dates may be specified. Please call us if you would like to customize your sets.

We supply living organisms for most of the FOSS* modules.

Cannot ship fish when outside temps are below zero degrees fahrenheit

****Shipping may be delayed due to inclement weather in the winter months.****

****Fish not guaranteed until night-time temps stay above 50 degrees fahrenheit.****

****Use only bottled spring water or lake water for your fish. Let them acclimate by floating the bag/s in the tank for at least fifteen minutes before releasing into your tanks. (Do not use tap water. Even treated/aged tap water will still kill your fish)****

****If you use tap water of any kind we cannot guarantee your fish.****

$15 minimum order fee on all orders.

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Animals Two by Two Animals Two by Two

Set includes:

4 Goldfish, 8 Guppies, 12 Earthworms, 30 Redworms, 25 Pill Bugs, 12 Sow Bugs, and 12 Anacharis/Elodea

Diversity of Life Diversity of Life

Set includes: 1 jar Amoeba Proteus, 1 jar Paramecium Caudatum, 1 jar Euglena, 8 Anacharis, & 8 Madagascar Hissing Cock-roaches.

Environments Set Environments Set

Set includes:

50 darkling beetles, 50 Isopods, 24 Goldfish, 25 Amphipods, 12 Anacharis/Elodea, 1 jar Duckweed, 25 Pond Snails

Insect Set Insect Set

Set includes:

200 Mealworms, 100 Waxworms, 25 Milkweed Bug Eggs, 6 Butterfly Larvae

Populations and Ecosystems Populations and Ecosystems

Set includes:

10 Female Milkweed Bugs, 10 Male Milkweed Bugs, 25 Anacharis/Elodea, 1 jar Duckweed, 25 Earthworms, 25 Amphipods, 12 Guppies, 25 Isopods, 25 Pond Snails